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About Us

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About velvoderm


With its 15 years’ experience in the beauty and health industry, the company Velvoderm is an
absolute professional in the field of complex equipment of beauty salons and all levels medical
Company is willing to offer the new ideas and possibilities for organizing the center of hardware
cosmetology, SPA salon, beauty and health institutions depending on the purpose, individual
features of the Client and the available budget. That will allow you to expand the range of the
services offered, making your practice more and more popular, effective and profitable.
Velvoderm offers the most extensive and diverse range of modern high-tech medical, cosmetological
and SPA equipment for solving various aesthetic problems. Products are available in different price
categories and are focused to suit every budget, but it is always only the best, well proven
equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Our company keeps developing, following the new technologies worldwide to help to our Clients to
integrate them.
When working with Clients, we provide a comprehensive approach to perform the Client’ tasks,
• initial consultations and recommendations
• the selection of equipment
• its delivery
• commissioning
• instructing
• warranty and service maintenance
• providing the necessary materials and configurations